Of Roles and Models ..

We have all been asked the same question. A 100 times in our lives. Since school . “Who is your role model?” ( After all you see , “what’s your name ” has been asked an uncountable number of times , not just 100 :P)

And our answers have changed as frequently as our birthdays 🙂 . Although the pattern is the same, the more you come to know about different people over the world , the more a particular personality’s life inspires you and the more you want to be like them. Many of us don’t have to stray far away in look for our role models. Our parents , our family , our teachers  or at least one of them inspire us enough to follow their footsteps.

Now i think you get the whole crux of this post. You can guess its all about the lives of great personalities who supposedly are my role models. I say supposedly because you are guessing . And you are guessing it wrong . 🙂

With all due respect to the sociologist Robert K. Merton , who coined the term “role model” , i do not think that homo sapiens can be the only thing that inspires us to the limits of imitating them . And also that our Role Models should be Elder to us .

Why ?

Well that’s because i guess i have always been wired to be weird  😉

For as long as i remember , no one has come as close to inspiring me as this six year old kid. Fictional kid that is .

Yes , you guessed it right this time . CALVIN .DSC_0224

One glance at this fella and you know why !

All the words in my vocabulary as of today , can just  not even begin to form an exact and appropriate description of my love  and respect for this one child.
In his own creators’s words ( Bill Watterson )

“Calvin is pretty easy to do because he is outgoing and rambunctious, and there’s not much of a filter between his brain and his mouth”

Calvin may be just a first grader in school , but his understanding of the world is far better than mine. 1099b6def8bd50f1bfb36b42dc5280d3 c1

He somehow always uses the  perfect  combination of  words to express  the challenges of life . He captures the irony  of the adult existence . He questions reality just as you and I do , albeit in a more humorous way .



I yearn to have the same perception of world as he has. I crave for his super imagination powers that distance me from the reality and still keep me in it. ( I hope you get my point 😛 )

His imaginary alter egos …

Stupendous man
Stupendous man
Spaceman spiff
Spaceman spiff

Now , who could be cooler than him?? 😛

He is my role model because basically  I want to have and use that awesome Calvin  level of sarcasm every day .


I want to be able to make something as mundane as a trip to school just as adventurous as he does. Or even an home assignment 😛


He makes me want to fight for my rights and wants , even though they may all go in vain .

In this super selfish , money and time bound world Calvin reminds me that nothing in this world is scary only if we have our best friends by the side ( To learn the value of friendship from  a cartoon character is funny and scary at the same time though 😛 ) .


I know I can make my life and world a better place to be if I have even half of this guy’s zeal for life . Trust me i can 🙂 .

Concluding  here is a piece of advice from  Calvin to me , You could use it too though 😉


P.S  kindly excuse if you think i have added too many images, its just that i can’t get enough of this 😛

P.P.S i want  to thank my friends for giving me the best birthday gift ever.. yes the Calvin and Hobbes series books 😀 🙂


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