Fly . Just Fly :)

Among all the categories of people around you that should be scared of

(some of them can make you dumasaphobics 😉 see )

there are  this one ” species”  of people which you need to identify at the earliest . And then stay away from them forever. And also understand ( if it wasn’t obvious) that i am currently pissed at one of their kind   😛 f4e37dd5b4a434a35efbc2004aaeeabc

No I am not talking about kleptomaniacs …they need your help silly.

Rather I am talking about the humans who try to bring you down. Who hold you back .  They will always in their unique ways be able to discourage you from going ahead on your life. You will know its wrong and yet succumb to their extremely charming convincing powers ( wish they would use that for better use though !)

Like always , these people could be any one. But a major Group will be your all kinds of X’s

Your ex boy friends, girl friends or any ex friend ( with whom you have broken your ties ).  They will make sure to constantly remind you every single moment of how  you have wronged them. In reality you may or may not have, but then who is speaking the truth ? You? The  self righteous -having- better – work- to- do soul ? Or The- forever-teary -eyed -stage five clinger?

Their constant cribbing and sheer failure to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them , will prevent you from moving on in life.

There  will be all kinds of emo drama and theatrical dialogue delivery . To some of which you wont have a reply. Or even a reaction . Or an emoji too .

How to identify if your ex is the one?

Well its simple.

This particular person will tell the whole world about you, the made up stories of your betrayal. You wont be the first person he/she discusses the issues with.They will always complain about you.

And when you do have some real discussions face to face , all the  person will do is lie and of course argue 🙂 . He/she will remind you of promises and all , rather than solving the issue. Basically at the end you will agree its your fault.

The other sub species of these people could be a Y too –  your friend, your partner  , your teacher or even a relative.

These are the  people  ( if you insist on calling them that still ! ) who tend to pass off everything as a joke. Everything related to you that is. Not themselves.

You top your class. Then you are a nerd who always studies. Now , seriously c’mon man who studies so much?

They top the class. Well then the world has always been a mirror to their hard work , smart work and good luck , you see.

You want to start something new. They are the ones with the most discouraging outrageous  negative opinions which they will  later pass it off as a joke.

You broke up. Its another joke

They break up. They will make you  cry too.

The second category of people are more common and more dangerous.

Although  because they don’t have the simple ability to judge when and what to speak , it is pointless to even listen to them.

As unfortunate it is , that in spite of being born in the land of The Mahatma (Gandhi), i believe resorting to violence is the only way with such types  that will give me eternal satisfaction . Nevertheless here are a few tips that MAY help to calm you down in such not-so-people- friendly situations

  1. Stop listening. Their cries and their jokes. Just don’t listen . And its easy. You have been doing that with your teachers and parents since time immemorial . 😉


   2 .Stop talking. The moment the other person comes back to crib , just stop talking.  When they stop , talk again on an entirely different issue( i.e only if you want to ) . Repeat the cycle. Its rude at first , but then all the negativity that disappears from your life will make it worth it.

sure it has 🙂

3.Stop sharing your success. Just tell them about how you think you failed. The super powers of making everything funny will at the least ease your pain . 🙂

  1. Move on. Yes . Just leave that person there and then. Not for new friends and partners. For your own god damn sake.eca5087f5540006982122d1e0a6d9bd0

Grow apart from people who do not grow

All the best 😊

P.S Well , writing does calm me down 😉 .


5 thoughts on “Fly . Just Fly :)

  1. Too Good Tips to follow 🙂 (Y) , it seems like u have experienced most of the world at this stage , rather i should say, in past 3 years 😛 , One line inspired from your last one : KEEP CALM & WRITE YOUR HEART DOWN 🙂 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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