The Minion dollar advice ;)



Well the picture says it all.


Because when you in actual and real terms do come-of-age OR you could say attain  maturity to HAVE  a man in your life , you will realise that you indeed don’t NEED a man so badly!

Oh yes,  You will WANT a man for sure, but not NEED him .

Your life can go about as normally without a man as with him. Trust me.

Yeah i know , why would you trust me? Its not as if i am some Marilyn Monroe of somewhere !

Well in  that case , trust her at the least.

 “No woman needs a man who doesn’t need her”.

( slightly abridged 😛 )

At this age all you will get is boys who are as immature and kiddish as you.

And same for the boys.

You wont find your one true love  .Your snow whites and cinderellas .

All you will only get is a girl who will want to eat chocolate and also throw tantrums all around .

And it is not your fault too!.  These insane  hormones , i tell you !!  -_-

So well , for now

Make friends. Friends for a lifetime .

Relationships are no joke. Childhood is meant for  jokes. Once its gone , You will regret it all long.

Take this as an advice from a girl who JUST officially entered her adult zone!

Okay fine, i passed school three years ago and am in the last year of graduation … But the transition dawned on me only when i joined office for my internship 😉 . Hence , the JUST 😛

Seriously ,stop already asking for tensions in your life.

Make yourself strong and independent.

Help people.

Study. Hard. 😛read








But don’t already need a man , little miss ❤ ❤


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