The cold does bother me O_o

The last time i wrote it was 2015. A year has gone by . Wow *_*.

So lame . Its just the third week, i know. But that kind of first line has an unusual eerie touch to it 😛  , which of course i love !

There are a lot of reasons for such a long hiatus though, You could say excuses , But i will call them reasons.

The very first being my laptop. Man! this thing threw all kinds of tantrums it could . And i had to finally go in for her demands and send it to the repair centre 😉

Then , it was time for me to be back to hostel . Lots and Loads of packing had to be done. Ahh! these five months of stay at home have made me so more patient ,calm and lazy 😀.

But over everything , it was these winters. Urgh. How i hate them. I know i will face public bashing for having said that and of course, will loose some of my friends too. But the truth is Winters are just not my cup of tea.


Those freezing winds,  the ice cold water, numb fingers and goosebumps everywhere, frighten me so much!!!.

I actually get depressed every time the weatherman reports a further dip in the temperatures. Like seriously how low can you go Ms Winters ??


The days become shorter, it is dark more often.

There is fog, so much of it. It drives me crazy when i cant look at the hot guy walking in front of me . Sometimes i find out it was just a tree i was leering at  -_- .  😉 .

And to add to my miseries is my recurring and constant cold and cough , which intensifies even if do so much as walk out of my home without a scarf . How delightful that feel is!!!! >.<


The worst part about winters is that you need to pee so many times a day , and every single time, the chilled toilet seat stings harder!!!!!  😛 😀

O my dear Summer.. Come back soon. <3. You are missed. Terribly :*

Trust me , i haven’t see a movie with a better happy ending than Frozen. I was more elated than Elsa and Anna 😛 😛


With that prayer in mind, i promise to brave these winters as well and take time out to get out of my blankets and write more frequently. I can do that I think , at least it doesn’t require me to change out of my pyjamas 😀 😀 😀

P.S : Winters, please forgive me  _/\_  😛





3 thoughts on “The cold does bother me O_o

  1. Thats quite cliche … You need to add personal things with less hightlights and try to maintain suspence without blaming winter.
    Waiting for the next one…


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