Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge#01

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“When I see you , in the day or in the night there is this one thought that crosses my mind each time. Why would God do that you? I have heard God is a nice fellow. He helps all. May be he was smoking some kind of pot when he created you. Because that’s the only explanation. My faith can be restored in him only if I pass you off as one of his jokes!. Just look at you. So pretty. Those big eyes. That little pointed nose. The sway of your hips when you walk. And those hair? They can drive anyone crazy. God gave you all of this and then he took away your conscience.
I know you are lucky darling !
Make the best use of this luck. Aim for being a girl. A “bitch” walks on 4 legs ,just remember that. ”


Just a message for the people who think Beauty is in short dresses and long hair. No , it’s there , right in your heart ❤

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