The new word of the town *OFFENDED*

Offended? Really that’s all you got ? May be you could have tried “Bored ” Or  “Tired” Or even  the F word! But , why offended darling ?

Well , this is  in reference to the latest Tanmay Bhatt CONTROVERSY. For the uninformed, this guy is a stand up comedian , who made a FUN Video about two Indian celebrities and posted it on social media. The fans of these celebrities got ” offended ” by it and want it removed. 

I really don’t know whether its real public who express their anger on such “Issues” or are they the ” Robots” we always have to prove we aren’t by entering those captchas ?? 

Because this fact is quite disturbing. No , not the existence of robots on Facebook.

But the fact that even in this age and time people got so much free time and emotions that their sentiments get hurt on  each and every joke that is ever made?

Do they Google the most silly thing present today, watch it and then get offended? 

Because ,lets make things clear first. I personally did not find the video even funny. Neither did my friends ( I made them watch it 😛 )  There was no joke .   😦
 And may be that’s the only thing i was hurt about. My expectations not being fulfilled. 

This has become a trend, specially in India. Not only in regard to this video, its just a needle in the haystack! People are using their “Right to speech” to take away other’s right to speech . 

Oh , you say it’s not Good for the society ?

Well yes. There are many things not good for the society. Unlike them , this has a solution. Don’t like it? DONT WATCH IT . Simple 🙂

Because if you were really worried about the society , you would have long gone ,thanks the heart attacks and nervous breakdowns you would have suffered.

Because you would have been hurt ,each time a girl was raped.Whether she was wearing a skirt or whether she was a 2 year old kid !

There would have been a threat to your religious sentiments, each time an innocent animal was sacrificed in the name of faith! And not when a person poked fun at some Godman.

 It would have pained you to see dirty naked little tiny kids beg on the streets in the scorching summer. And then get elated even on receiving a single rupee.

Your anger would have lost its limits when you would have come across the crores of taxpayer’s money being used by corrupt politicians for their Birthday celebrations. Not when a Bollywood movie was made .

You would have been offended when a young Indian sport-star was unable to represent his country , not for the lack of talent , but for the lack of proper infrastructure . And not when someone wore a skirt to her tennis match ..

Trust me , you would have been offended by humanity , every time you read that another bomb was dropped off in Syria or Pakistan or Palestine or  some other place. (Only that would have happened , in case you were actually aware that the world does not revolve around you  🙂 )

And since you are alive and kicking, I am sure none of this happened. There was never an outrage over any of these. Do not mention the various Tweets or Re-tweets or Facebook posts you have shared for the cause. The truth is , they DON’T MATTER . ( Heart breaking , is it ? ) 

 This only  proves you don’t bat an eye lid for the cause of the society.
You are one bored human , who wants cheap publicity by misusing other people’s names.

Calling me selfish , are you ? Well, I will take that as a compliment.  It’s better than being a dual faced hypocrite . Any day!. Try it out  🙂 

 This does not mean I support non sense humour. I just don’t violently oppose it. These people work for trps.  Dont trend them on media , they will understand and give you better jokes next time 😀 



19 thoughts on “The new word of the town *OFFENDED*

  1. So someone said it, finally. Being “offended” is a gimmick, maybe to divert attention from the real issues that matter!
    That said, laughing and joking is fast becoming a crime here. We live in too touchy a society. *SIGHHHH*

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  2. First of all, being offended by something is a human trait and it is very natural. So i don’t understand why you are getting disturbed. And i am sure you must have felt offended some times in life or may be not, but it is a human tendency.
    Now talking about the video, we both agree that it was not at all funny. But for tanmay it was funny, and that means that what he actually said in the video, for him it was the truth. Because something is funny only when the obvious is stated, at least for some, like he is so fat, he is so tall, he is too old. All these statements are intended to be funny..
    Even if people feel offended, it does not mean that he should be jailed. Also you are right, there are far more important things to think about, But yet you are writing about it in a blog.
    One thing which should be kept in mind, we know very bad things happen around, but still we go for movies and have fun, we party, we play. So are we saying these things are more important than serious crimes like rape and murder? not at all, but sometimes we need to feel normal and human, we get offended, we comment, we state our views, all that is normal..Like you did, you wrote this blog, you could have written about anything else, but you wanted to share what you feel, that is human..May be you are offended because tanmay was being reported to the police..Or else why will you worry or get disturbed about this small issue..and i too am writing this comment makes me only human..
    tomorrow if someone says this stuff about my grandmother or grandfather i will feel offended..I think everyone will feel..and i don’t see any reason why one should not feel offended..
    now the so called freedom of expression..I think it means to be able to say what one believes in.. And i am sure tanmay did not believed in what he how his freedom of expression got violated is a big question..
    And i think you are bored too, as you wrote about this issue and passed your time..
    Don’t mind…Don’t get offended..
    it was just what i think..

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    1. What you and me are doing is called expressing opinion. What people have made a habit today , is not expressing opinions, but only making a hue and cry over issues and creating a hype over the situation. This energy of people needs to be directed towards the urgent and important issues is what I am saying .:)

      P.S there is no reason for me to be offended. You have all rights to disagree with me, which you did!


  3. Thank you..for considering my opinion..I hope more people are like you, who have a clear understanding for things. I understand your point. Nice discussion here.
    Looking forward to your writings..

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  4. For me it all comes down to being narcissistic when i see behaviors like that. First they post all their shit online (private lifes, thousands of selfies, political opinions etc), then if you dare to express anything other pure admiration, you are a troll/hater/no lifer/jealous freak. And who gets to accept ONLY positive critisicm better than a narcissist.

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  5. so true, it’s like the whole idea that successful people and people who are busy working on improving their own lives don’t have time to spend it on things that don’t really matter. not that those jokes don’t matter, but you know what I mean hopefully, great post:)

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