The Apple of our eyes :)

July 9 ,2014 changed my life for the better . Not only mine. Every life linked with me in real terms (blood relations ,that is ) . My sister gave birth to a baby girl .A beautiful baby girl .  Her minuscule fingers tightly bound in a fist , her hands and legs all curled up and eyes not yet open – She was by all means the perfect bundle of joy  .                                                   .


Even before her birth she was the most awaited child for all of us . After all , one of us  brothers and sisters had finally grown up to finally start her own brood 😛

Oh ! these little teeny tiny creatures ,  only if they knew what happiness and splendor they bring with them . It’s like a festival .

A never ending festival for the parents at least 😛

A new member is added to the family.

The feeling of belonging knows no bounds . From being a cell a few months back , she is now a part of our family. Our decisions and choices will now be affected by her.

We have to protect her, from all the miseries of the world, from anything that scares her. She is ours. She is mine 🙂

For me she is an angelic saint , who relieves me of all my tensions by her mere presence around . No worries, no anxiety , no work load has been and will be able to beat her innocence.

Working in the kitchen 😉

Her charismatic smiles


Her vibrant eyes


Her soft and delicate fingers !

Her squeaky voices ! ( i really wish i could have an audio clip here 😀 )

Her adorable pair of teeth. Two on the top . Two below .

Every time i see  you girl , i can’t control my happiness and as a matter of fact , i don’t even want to.


These babies remind you of all the things we as grownups have forgotten in the hum drum of our busy lives. We run after targets, exams, deadlines and of course money.

They ?

They don’t even know how to stand up.  😛 They slowly learn it. 😀

And we as adults feel so proud when see them walk , all in a zig zag manner though 😛 .

The process of teaching them to speak , to count , to eat , to pray ,to walk , to run ,to shit ,  to do everything so simple is tiring and yet satisfying.  When she picks up an action i do often , oh i feel like cuddling her up tightly and swing her around . That’s my way of expressing joy (I don’t do it though 😛 )  . The sense of responsibility arises in me. To teach her just the right things .

The babies also teach you things back. The very first and most important  – Being patient. 😀 haha .

They also  teach you that nothing is impossible for us to do .  We just need to have constant determination . The curiosity within us should never die .

Witnessing their sheer joy on something as trivial as a moving colourful ball , unwinds and relaxes us from even the most complex situations of life .

IMG-20150905-WA0016 IMG-20150905-WA0011 Our Krishna and our Radha 😉

Dear Advika ( Iha ) , i want you to read this when you are grown up . There will be times when you will feel like questioning your self . When you may feel broken. When you feel low.

I want you to read this to remind you , that how as just a 1 year old you made all people around you so happy and glad. You can do it again.  You will do it always.

Just be yourself.  Be innocent. Be curious. Learn. Respect. Teach. Smile. Play. Love. Laugh. LIVE 🙂

We are so proud of you now. Make sure to make us all the more proud.


Enjoy baby :*

Love XOXO ,

Masi 🙂