The dilemma to do or not to do something. We face this word every single day. We may not realize it though. Even deciding to wake up at 6 or half an hour later is a choice we make.( the fact that we tend to choose the latter always is a different matter 😛 ).

They say it is these choices that define who we are and what we become. I believe the same ,yet not wholly. The right choices never help in this process. It is the wrong choices that make us.

The wrong choices? What does it even mean?. Don’t stress your heads. This is just a blog , not some gyan workshop.So here the term wrong choices only means the decisions we took that led to a bad result.
For instance the simple choice to not keep our hair clips back in the drawer  makes every girl late the next morning in an failed attempt to find them ! (in my case they are generally found by the maid under the bed 😀 ).
For those not convinced with this example I would like to say that  i don’t want to touch the more sensitive topics of choices made in careers and love. To get a simple point through, I don’t want to bring any of the ghosts of memories past.

These “wrong” choices teach us things. Things we must not repeat in future. They are a life long example of how uninformed and ignorant decisions can ruin us. Or how an informed, well thought over, measured choice can make us.

we all know that come what may our mothers are our best teachers. But alas! experience does beat. her.  Only experiencing the bad can make us fully value and  enjoy the good .

After all the taste of Maggi next year  won’t be the same as always you know!!  😉 .