Am I ready?

My life may be a mess but atleast I look pretty in the dress!

This got to be the defining mantra of my life. In case I plan to continue with my sanity,that is. 

Since a few days I have been a mixed bag of emotions. One day I am alarmingly happy. And then gloomy. So gloomy that my friends are scared to even approach me !

And why wouldn’t they be . After all my emotions have reached such heights of confusion that I literally hit my friend with my keys. Straight onto his face. Without a reason.

Thank God he was high ! 😉

These mood swings have been a perennial problem. Although till now they have fortunately been non violent only 😂 . My room is the biggest evidence of this turbulence. Clothes , washed and dirty alike lying on every possible furniture.Bits of paper and tissues  decorating the floor. And then there is me…somehow adjusting for space in the bed between my books and pillows!

So why has my life come down to this?

There could be several excuses.

I am a Cancerian woman,so being cranky is something even my stars have chosen for me! Then there are the female hormones. These i-dont-know-how-they-look substances have the audacity to keep me irritated. And the fact that I can’t do anything about them,only adds to my irritation! Also doctors tell me I have some kind of allergic bronchial asthma ,so the recent weather changes also ensure that I wake up early ,very early morning coughing and gasping for breath and when it finally comes , i cant go back to sleep , because ,hello you have a bank loan to repay,so please attend your classes. let’s also not ignore the fact that I also sleep late ,very late in night, thanks to assignments submissions and hell yeah! Classes.

To be frank ,it would be really bad of me if I did not give myself the pleasure of being irritated and snapping at every body.

Now that I have made a mention of doctors, if I do look from their perspective these are all mere symptoms. Like a fever is just a symptom. The real trouble is something else.

And I believe that something else is CHANGE. Within six months,my life has literally taken a 180 degree turn. Things I had never dreamt of,forget about planning have happened. And have happened so quick that there hasn’t been enough time to even absorb their effects.

For someone who shirked at the very idea of travelling and moving out of the comfort of my house, I have been thrown more than a 1000km away and been home  only once in 6 months for 4 days!

The confidence and wisdom I thought I had gained after the 10+2+4 years of education has all been thrown out of the window. Yeah ,once upon a time in a very distant land I had plans and goals of being the best in whatever I do but ,well ,here I am struggling and fighting to just keep pace with my classmates and professors.

More than the fast paced Bombing of Knowledge at me is the speed at which people have walked in and out of my life.

Strangers from different parts of , not only the country ,  but even the world have become a part of my life. People who have seen so much more of the world than me, from different walks of life, each with their own story now surround me. And among them I have found a few special ones, The ones who I would want to be included in my lists of Forevers 😍.The ones who are family  :).  The ones who have bought entertainment to my life with the best and worst jokes of all times!  The ones who have taught me the true meaning of creative comebacks 😂😂😂 and the ones who very generously give me “gyaan” about this life 😋

My inner goddess has awaken and is looking around. Happily dancing away as it can finally satisfy it’s fantasies with a new crush everyday 😉

Or maybe HE is the same all days 😍😂

And then there are people who have shut their doors on me. The ones I had hoped would not. The ones I had grown not only fond of ,but used to. Their presence no more surprised me,but their absence shakes me up. Sigh. But as they “One fine day”! Hopefully our paths will cross each others’ again. 🙂

So all in all I am amused and perplexed at this new roller coaster ride, one which I hadn’t even asked for or infact even paid for 😑Every moment here is teaching me something. Things I want to learn and things I definitely don’t want to learn.

It’s just that all of it is happening too fast too soon. Maybe I am not ready for such experiences. Not all at once. And not now.

But when has life waited for someone?

And seriously, What is life without some spice?.😉
P.S When they say,do what you love. They are actually right. Writing all of this down has soothed me down. Peppy side up again 😁😊


The Food and The science

Three years ago I had the honour to be finally called an alumni of my school and enter the much exciting phase of college life.
Before I go ahead I would like to warn all you school going kids, all those who say college life is only fun, believe me the only college they have ever seen are in the Bollywood masala flicks.

So here I was at the turning point of my life , with my friends, deciding our lives a few years down the road . Our career choices would finally have to be done.
Some preferred college over stream and others the stream over college.
Almost all of my friend went in for computer engineering in top notch colleges.
I however deliberately chose to pursue Food Technology. I joined this brand new college , from where I will graduate next year as Food Technology and management.

Below is my college ( NIFTEM ) :


Food tech? Like seriously?? All my friends were already looking down on me.
Even my new classmates had joined this college because this was their last shot at a govt college.
No not the same for me. With my rankings and scores I could have easily entered a decent engineering college and come out as yet another computer /electrical / mechanical/chemical engineer et al.
Food as a subject is always considered sub standard and secondary because people with low ranks also get easily admitted to it.
But food is also what every living thing needs. Rich humans. Poor humans. Street animals. Pet animals. Mango trees. Apple trees. Zooplanktons. Elephants. Microbes. The entire system of nature revolves around it.

And still?!.  A really ironical situation.
Well that’s mostly because a aam aadmi perceives it as what is there to study in it?? Technology and food…no there cant be a relation.
We very well know that the best food is the one made by mummy and Sanjeev Kapoor. No arguments here people.  After all , “Taste mei best , mummy aur everest  ; ) “

Just a clarification though. Adding spices and oil  in the right amount to give better taste is NOT food technology.

Preparing these spice powders by grinding and powdering them at the right temperature and humidity conditions and then packaging them in the most appropriate laminate is Food Technology.
The extraction of oil from seeds is food technology.
Putting jam on bread is easy , tasty and not science. Making jam of the perfect consistency such that it doesn’t flow and still spread easily is food technology. And obviously making a bread of the right volume and pore size takes a lot more than neighbourhood bakery classes ( for me and my classmates it took an entire semester 😛 )
Be it an engineer, teacher , artist, musician, programmer who doesn’t enjoy drinking chilled Coca Cola or Pepsi on a sunny day ? * except for the extremely calorie conscious people  😉
Not only the soft drinks , all the other drinks you enjoy ( and a lot more 😉 ), they are all prepared by food technologists.

The juices, the cheeses, the chocolates, the noodles – all need to be formulated with the perfect sugar acid ratio, water activity, microbial load, TSS, nutrients and of course packaging.

Strangely many people find this very easy. People not from this industry. To them I will say


“Zara kuch din guzar k to dekhiye Gujarat Mei” . ( read it in his voice please ! 😛 )
Come , work in our shoes and then you will know better to leave these seemingly easy things back to us 🙂

We may not admit it , but world round all humans have this feeling

“Apna Sapna money money money” 😉
Talking in those terms too here are some facts about the Indian food industry:

The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32 per cent of the country’s total food market, 14 per cent of manufacturing GDP, 13 per cent of India’s exports and six per cent of total industrial investment. Indian food service industry is expected to reach US$ 78 billion by 2018.The Indian gourmet food market is currently valued at US$ 1.3 billion and is growing at a CAGR of 20 per cent. It is expected to cross US$ 2.8 billion by 2015.
( source and further reading : )

So you see, money is not an issue here dear!

Food science may not be easy but is definitely interesting. The study of food from farm to fork is gripping and engaging.

All the post harvest losses and food wastage can be prevented by processing food at a larger scale. For India this is the need of the hour. After all here 200 million live people in hunger, and over 40% of the children who do live till 5 are malnourished.

( source : )

The very idea of being able to contribute somehow is itself satisfying.

To end it all I would say that I am thankful to have decided to be a food engineer and as of now “Para Pa Pa Pa …i m loving it”  😀


I couldn’t find a really good quote related to food , so let’s make work with this cliched one . 😀
P.S  this post is in no way meant to be derogatory to all engineers and professionals out there. Not only are my bestest friends in your field, even this blog wouldn’t have been possible without you guys  :).
This is just to remind people that food as a subject is not as bad as made out to be.