A Picture says a 1000 words ( 722 in my case)

DAY 2 :

As If the 30 day challenge was not enough to satiate my needs of expressing ( and gaining popularity 😛 ) I have also decided to be a part of the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. This is a fun challenge where I have been given 10 tasks to be performed.

And today’s task is called FREEZE A FOTO . I need to select a photograph and describe it , obviously in my own words 😀

As I rammed through my collection of pictures in gadgets ( a laptop and phone 😛 ) , I found this one picture which suits the mood better than everything.
Well to the unknown , this a photograph of my batchmates from our last fest at college.  We have been living in the same hostel , some of us in the same rooms too for 4 years of our life.  ^.^

And now with our college coming to an end there is hardly a month more before we all go back to our homes and never come back to sleep with each other again. ( Pun intended 😛 )

The four walls of a girls hostel have always been the talking point of all guys in all boys hostel. Of course ,they will  disagree now but then WE KNOW ( Girls always know stuff…don’t they ?  : P)

So well , this post is to Kaveri Hostel . The 4 years we spent here as a famliy . Doing all kinds of stuff TOGETHER .

We have been sick of Kriti always being stuck with her phone : P .   We have been “mesmerised” by Neha’s choicest colourful pyjamas. We have been taught  Food Art by yukta in the mess.
You girls have listened patiently to my random non sense chatter . Like why was I even telling you about my friends of play school ?? -_-
We have been awed by Kavya’s impeccably clean room .
And sneha’s room has always served the purpose of a common room !
Vipasha has irritained (enterain + irritate ) us all times of day. (Why you do this pasha ? )
We have over heard Akanksha’s daily plans , without a choice 😛
We have been swayed by Khushbu’s SWAG .We have been lucky to see Chanchal’s dance moves .
Garima has shown us the use of all face packs 😛  Kanchan is the ultimate hostel hack . You have her. You need no one else.  We have been lucky to see the real face of Kiran- Crazy and mad 😛 . Coy? Never.  We have always been looked after by Kirti .  We have seen Aayushi fall again. And again.
Obviously we have seen Shruti study. But we have also heard her speak Hindi and spell “Kshatriya” 😛 . Rashmi has always been the slowest eater.
We have seen Aditi and Taniya always run for, you know what 😉 We have been wowed by Vedangi’s creativity.  We have all been dragged out of our beds by Shibali . We have all stopped Ritu from singing. Nripa has told us all how and where Himachal is. And also who, how and where Jimmy is ! 😛
We have laughed non stop on Subhagya’s sarcasm.  And we have always, always found food in Sonvy’s room . 🙂

We have gossiped . We have bitched .

We have danced and danced . Nagins and Baratis .We have been Munnis and Sheilas and of course Pritam pyare ❤ 😛 .

We have studied  😛 .

We have somehow digested the mess food for so long. O how much I will miss the Poha 😛

We have seen each other in our sexiest avatars  😉 .

We have tolerated each other’s mood swings.

We have not thrashed the birthday girl 😛 . We have made her the birthday princess ! ❤

We have slept entire days.  And we have talked entire nights.

We have cracked our share of jokes on NIFTEM Studs.  We have fan-girled a lot on REAL studs !

We have slept on each others beds. Cosy . ( Sexy ? 😛 )

We have had monkeys , rats , dead pigoens and a lot of other bio diversity here.

We have made our most dangerous plans.

We have chatted in washrooms.

We have pulled each others legs.

And O lord! We have even played hide –n- seek  😛 😛

And while doing this all we have grown up. From 1st floor and 2nd floor we have all become 4th year mams.
From strangers and awkwardness we have moved to Friendship and shamelessness.

We have found our sisters for a lifetime.  FOREVER ❤

p.s  2

Click here to redirect to IBMC Freeze a foto





Women’s day it is!!!! Have a happy day ladies :* ❤

This post is dedicated to my lovely darlings Ayushi , Mini and Vyomika . We talk every day, we have been through so much and yet here we are still going strong .

Like all women do. Every time. Every age. Every where.

So although i am not a poem person and write only cute little rhyming words ( yep like those nursery rhymes 😛 ) , here are  few sweet little lines about “She..” . You ,me and every other girl out there.  🙂 🙂

Her nature , her attitude and her style

Her eyes ,her hair and that beautiful smile

Her simplicity and she herself , captivated people’s heart

She understood them all like their other part..

Neither selfless..nor selfish..she was one of a kind

Imbibed in her was a golden heart and a serene mind

family..friends..relationships were what mattered

Each time a lesson was learnt and all of her was shattered

She was strong enough to start again

Realising that all the tears will go in vain

Do not get attached to anything is what she felt was true

Life was not as glittery , she did not even have a clue

Her infinite thoughts made her wear the ‘over-thinking’ crown

She believed she would sail through but would always drown

Yes,she was not perfect ,she had her  flaws

But that’s what made her who she was

She was happy and she deserved that shine

 At the end of the day, everything was meant to be just fine  🙂  

This smile ^.^ ❤



P.S : Yes, its childish. But hey , Its  Women’s day . Don’t complain 😛 😛


What The !!!!!

So , who the hell does Shahrukh Khan think he is? or for that matter even Salman khan? Does Hrithik actually come as close to thinking  he looks like a Greek god???  Can you digest the fact that ladies go gaga over even Akshay Kumar and Arjun Rampal and Shahid Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor? And what about Ranveer Kap…no…Singh !!!!!!

Like why on the face of earth ! ?? And please , for the love of god! Don’t even get started on those firangs! Brad pitt , Tom cruise ..and yeah who is that latest one? Zayn Malik! 


I thought all of this piece of crap ( yes, i accept it is crap 🙂 ) yesterday while going to my workplace . Even though  i hate as much as the thought of it , i have to take these  one of a kind , truly Indian ( 😀 ) shared autorickhshaws to office .

But mind it, you don’t sit in these . You fit in them .

So once i fit in one of them ,all i could do was stare outside on the road and absorb the breathtaking view of all kinds of road transport, twisting and turning and honking .

And then IT happened. Like it happens every time. Every day . With every one.

A not so young and still not so old  man on the road , on his ravishingly old bike , winked at me . And just to make sure , that i  do see him , he did it again . I had to continue seeing his stupid face and stupid eyes as i couldn’t turn my head around ( i told you, we are fitted and fixed in just one position).

Not that i was surprised by that man .

Nothing new. :/

Today its a wink . Tomorrow its a see-i -eat- pan -and -have -dirty- and-crooked- teeth smile . On other days , someone will try to feel you up . There are days when you will hear the eeriest of comments and yet on  others it will be some song ,that you wont be found even dead listening to.

So yes it was nothing new. i followed the mantra “ignorance is a bliss”, rolled my eyes and closed them .  -_-

Once i closed them , i steered right into the minds of such men and tried to think , what goes on in their mind ???

yeah , that’s when i came out with that crap i wrote before. This is exactly what must be going on their minds!!!!right?

these perverts actually deserve to be the stars.

look at their confidence people!.

All he needs is a wink 😉 , like this to swoon me away on his two wheeler to land of fantasies!!! . They are the Christian Greys of their worlds. My inner goddess should awaken and fast. His songs and comments should fill me with the desires of lust ! Ahh, he is right ! Who the hell these if-looks-could-kill-good-looking-celebs think they are .

Its these roadside romeos we should drool for !

(Trust me , the disgust you felt while just reading this above statement, is nothing when compared to the nauseating disgust i felt while typing it . )


Your help. My help. Our help. Any kind of help. All kind of helps.

You could be the philanthropist reformer of the society and conduct workshops and awareness camps.


The next you come across such a sick person , You could just thrash the living hell out of his system. ( I prefer this ,seriously)

The choice is YOURS. But the need is OURS.


Here is a you tube link ,  to one of the just rightly made video on  the issue.

Still Staring ?

Do check it out

BeSafe 🙂

P.S : SRK , I still love you ❤

P.P.S Try and get the Sarcasm right or else you will ruin this  😀





The Minion dollar advice ;)



Well the picture says it all.


Because when you in actual and real terms do come-of-age OR you could say attain  maturity to HAVE  a man in your life , you will realise that you indeed don’t NEED a man so badly!

Oh yes,  You will WANT a man for sure, but not NEED him .

Your life can go about as normally without a man as with him. Trust me.

Yeah i know , why would you trust me? Its not as if i am some Marilyn Monroe of somewhere !

Well in  that case , trust her at the least.

 “No woman needs a man who doesn’t need her”.

( slightly abridged 😛 )

At this age all you will get is boys who are as immature and kiddish as you.

And same for the boys.

You wont find your one true love  .Your snow whites and cinderellas .

All you will only get is a girl who will want to eat chocolate and also throw tantrums all around .

And it is not your fault too!.  These insane  hormones , i tell you !!  -_-

So well , for now

Make friends. Friends for a lifetime .

Relationships are no joke. Childhood is meant for  jokes. Once its gone , You will regret it all long.

Take this as an advice from a girl who JUST officially entered her adult zone!

Okay fine, i passed school three years ago and am in the last year of graduation … But the transition dawned on me only when i joined office for my internship 😉 . Hence , the JUST 😛

Seriously ,stop already asking for tensions in your life.

Make yourself strong and independent.

Help people.

Study. Hard. 😛read








But don’t already need a man , little miss ❤ ❤