Officially Welcomed: the Liebster Award!!

Hello everyone 😀

A few hours late, thanks to a “story writing competition” i took part in. Yes it was called END SEMESTER EXAMS .  😛

Anyways, Today is the day to be happy and proud. And Happy again. 😀
I have been officially welcomed to the blogosphere by my fellow bloggers Manahaal (She Reflects Blog ) and Unnati (Stories from my diary ❤ ) 😀 . (Do check out their blogs 🙂 )

They have both nominated me for THE LIEBSTER AWARD !! 😀 . Thank you so much ladies . 🙂

Now for the unknown , The Liebster Award is given out by bloggers to fellow bloggers who are new to the blogging community . Obviously , if you appreciate the blog :D.

The Rules of the Game :
1. Acknowledge the blogger(s) who nominated you. 
2. Provide 10 random facts about yourself .
3. Answer the 11 questions that you have been asked. 
4. Nominate 5-11 other newbie bloggers , you find interesting.
5. Ask them 11 Questions. 
And so the process continues . 

So ,well, Let’s begin  😀

Facts about me . I would rather call them as DISCLAIMERS! : 

1. The very basics : I am an almost 22  year old girl ( woman? ) from India. 🙂
2. Still a student. 
3. I will always prefer drinking over eating. Fruit juices and Lassi that is. 😉 
4. I love to Brush my teeth. The fresh after taste is superb 😛
5. A true Cancerian woman I am : Friendly, Sensitive , Caring , Moody and really sexy ! 😛
6.I sleep with the pillow above my head.
7. I can be a very mean Grammar Nazi sometimes. 😉
8.I have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S for an infinite number of times. 
9.I love to do the Dhinchak Bollywood dance. If there’s music around, You can’t stop me mate !
10. The Full Moon is my idea of beauty 🙂

Well , time to answer your questions :D.

Usually people have 11 questions to answer, but being the lucky girl with 2 nominations I have 22 to go. 
Hope you read it all ! 😀

1.Who are you ? ( In one sentence only) : I am the girl you  always find staring at something (someone actually 😉 )
2.Do you believe education is same as learning? : NO. You learn a lot from heart-breaks ! 😛
3.If you could start over, what would you change? : I have a very lousy way of sitting. I would definitely improve my posture .
4.Who is your favourite person? : Phoebe Buffay. Only if she was real.
5. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? : Surprises are surprising ,if they come out as planned. So sshh!!!
6. Favourite author and their best book? : No favourite author. But a very favourite book. Gone with the wind ❤
7. If given a chance to be invisible , what would you do ? : Definitely , burglary!
8.Would you rather only be able to whisper or be able to shout? : Whisper . And carry a loud speaker always.
9.What is happiness for you ? : My mother’s happiness.
10.Would you rather be able to open your mouth or never be able to close your eyes? : Open my mouth. I want to sleep with my eyes closed.
11.Your inspiration and why so ? : Calvin from Calvin and hobbes. Why ? See here :Of roles and Models
12. What’s your favourite food? : I am not a One food woman ;). But my sister’s favourite is Dal Makhani. So that’s like national food for my family 😛
13.Your favourite song ? : ” Neele Neele ambar par” la la laaa
14. Are you studying to become what you want to or what your parents want you to become? : Well , i am studying what my parents want to become what i want to become. Rich . 🙂
15.If given a chance to go on a date with a celebrity , who would that be ? : Hands down .SHAHRUKH KHAN . ❤
16.Define success : The feeling you get when you think your efforts have been rewarded.
17. Are you happy with your life ?: Yes. But who doesn’t want a little more ? 😉
18. What’s your favourite memory as a child? : Getting ready for school 🙂
19. What is the biggest achievement of your life till now ? : Making it to IIM Ahmedabad.
20. What’s your life’s purpose? : To make sad people happy 😀
21. Who came first , the egg or the chicken ? Explain the reason. : The chicken.  Because Chandler Bing said so 😛 
22. How do you handle negative people? : By making weird faces at them. And then Writing about it . 🙂

Yayy. Did it 😀

Now for the almost last part, I nominate the following bloggers 🙂

  • Vyomika singh
  • Jamie Gibson
  • Shubdha Kulkarni
  • Khan’s Lantern
  • Awkward Babble
  • Debbie Studios
  • Over analysing literature (P.S  I don’t know if all of you are new bloggers but i have come across your blog recently and would love to know you more : )Alrighty guys , Here are your questions . Have Fun 🙂

    1. Are you a morning person or a night person ?
    2. Whose birthday after yours are you really excited about ?
    3. Would you exchange your life with some one else? Who would it be?
    4. What is your ultimate time travel destination?
    5. would you want to change your name? To what?
    6.Ever slapped a person in public? Wanted to ?
    7. The Best day of your life till now?
    8. Your favourite dish?
    9 . A tagline for yourself :
    10 . The last line of your biography would be?

    That’s it people. Thank you for being such a patient reader.
    Go on , share your opinions about me now 😀 😀





DAY 1 : Things that make me Happy .

I have a new name for myself.

 Ms Lazybones.

 I am so lousy , so lazy and yet so pretty ^-^ . ( lame as well ? 😛 )

This blog has been around , waiting for me to update it and I  am all like, No, Not today. For days and weeks.
So  for the sake of you, My Peppynoytes, I take up a challenge.

The 30 Day writing challenge.  b1

I am going to blog.
Random things.
About me.
About life.
About us 🙂

And today its going to be the 10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY.

This looks so easy ans simple to list. But do you realise the amount of pain I had to go through when I was striking off some points “ that could not make it to the list”??? Oh boy! Do you ?

So well with a hand on my heart and a billion dollar smile on my face , lets get started

1. Home made food.  b3
To understand why this is on number 1 , you would have to be either a hosteller or a corporate victim , who survives on McD and Dominos for 4 out of 7 days a week . 😦
My plate may not be served with all those luxurious and impossible- to- pronounce dishes.Just  Plain, pure, boring food made by my mom . Dal Chawal , if you must.
I will relish that  to the last bite. OM NOM NOM all the way!

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone .( Okay, not every one actually :P) . Anything. I love to chatter away all the time. Never too lazy for that . 😀
You will listen me blabber about my life. Your crush. SRK’s movies .The new restaurant.Lilly singh. Pretty much anything.

3.New clothes.
Crisp. Clean. Pretty clothes. Its like I don’t even need any accessories the first time I wear a new dress. I have  a 100 watt smile pasted across my face. 😀

4. Reading. Old books.b5
Like the really old –rusty –brown paged books.  I  am not a kindle person  by choice.  The feeling when you hold a book and curl up in your bed , its beyond my capability to describe in words. And their smell? Oh My God!  It drives me crazy. I feel like it even turns me on! 😉

5. Helping Friends.
I feel so satisfied when I am of use to my friends. Whether its giving advices, listening to their troubles or even giving my notes.
Yeah I also feel happy when I help them pass a test, but can’t say it in public with so many judge-y eyes looking at me “ That’s not what a friend would do!”. Yes. But exam time  is not the time to  preach. Just tell the answers . 😛 😛 .

6.Writing . b8
Of course. This HAD to be on the list. Framing sentences with just the right choice of words to describe exactly what you are feeling. That’s an achievement. And the pleasure is all mine *-*.
But i don’t like typing . So you see, that’s how it all gets delayed 😀
Give me a pen and paper. All my notebooks have my many  masterpieces jotted down in them . 😛

7.Afternoon naps.C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_32027e2f714e06ff5ff305ec7a34db38
When the sun is displaying all its might and you shut the drapes, drink a glass of cool water , close your eyes and just get lost in the magical word of “Sleep”. Nothing calms me down more than this. I don’t even realise what day or century it is sometimes when I wake up . Oh yes.  I  am back to reality again .    -_-

8.The October weather.
The clear bright sky. Cool breezes. The nature at its best , if you ask me. Its not biting cold. Its not burning hot. Neither is it still and dull.  Its just perfect. I am at my peppiest and happiest best in Octobers.

“Outside, a gusty October breeze was combing leaves from the trees and sending them across her backyard in colorful skitters.”

Stephen King, Full Dark, No Stars

With the entire world wishing me to be happy on that day , can I help not being THE HAPPIEST this day?  Oh I love the attention , the wishes  and of course the gifts that I receive .  I am on top of the world on the 6th of july . ( You see what I did there ? ;). Yes wish me this year 😛 ).
And I feel like I must mention here , that it’s the entire concept of birthdays that make me happy.  Who was the great person  to have thought of it!  I feel like it would be a woman. Am I too sexist ? 😛 . But guys  are just so normal even on birthdays! :P.
Everything looks so beautiful and decorated. then there is that delicious fancy cake 😀

okay . I may come across as insane, but there is this one thing that literally makes me so happy , I feel like blessing anyone who comes across.
 You see, with the sweet blood I have, a lot and believe me A LOT of mosquitoes bite me. Specially on my feet.  NO! THIS DOESN’T MAKE ME HAPPY!!.
But when I pour ice cold , chilly water on these bites, it’s a heavenly feeling altogether. And no, don’t put your feet under the tap. Don’t ruin it. Slowly  and slowly. Drop by drop . Treasure the pleasure ,mate!

There I did it.  10 things 😀
Lets see what tomorrow brings . ❤

Peppy is the new me!

Well ,that’s one of the weird things about me. i am mentally unstable 😀


As in , I love changes. I am not the one for the same old boring monotonous stuff for ever and ever. 😉

Also , Dabbang is now relatively an old movie .

Here I am ,refreshing my blog  , to a more beautiful and lively version ,with more updates, more sarcasm and hopefully loads of more readers 😛

Get the Peppiness started ❤ ❤

So well , officially declaring here : Dabbang Notes is now Peppy Notes . :*

Live. Love . SPARKLE !

Happy Diwali :)

                     HAPPY DIWALI  🙂  


Well, this time i had to be straight forward. I am too busy and excited to create a whole background for the post. 😛 .
But not too tired to wish all my readers and their families a very Happy Diwali . 🙂 ❤

A festival and tired? well ,that’s how it works 😉

All the sweets that we eat on diwali and all the beautiful  gifts we receive are all preceded by  days of hard work of cleaning the house . Uh-oh , my house is otherwise clean too 😛 , but the diwali spirit definitely brings on an another level of cleanliness freaks in us Indians , trust me 🙂 😛

Diwali is one of the most awaited and biggest , huge (est?) festival of India. It is a symbol of the victory of goodness over evil . So as the folklore goes, Diwali is celebrated because years and years ago  Lord Ram came back to his city of Ayodhya ( after 14 years of exile in forests and freeing his beloved wife Sita from Ravana ) amidst huge fan fare. Sweets were distributed , the city enlightened by lamps and thus continues the tradition today .

Deepawali ( Deep in Hindi means a lamp ) or Diwali is the festival of light. Every nook and corner of the country is lit with colourful lights (since at least a week before). On the day of diwali ,( that means tomorrow, since today is the Diwali eve ) the entire family gathers , exchange gifts, sweets among lots of merriment . In the evening , in every home there is ” Pooja” . People pray to Lord Ganesha (for well being and good life ) and Goddess Lakshmi ( for wealth and prosperity ) . There after the homes are lit with “diyas” and candles . People also make colourful Rangolis outside their homes.
Thereafter , the kids and young adults go out and burst crackers ( which i strongly oppose because of the terrible air and noise pollution :/ ) .

And like we all know , no Indian festival is complete without a sumptuous feast 😛 . Basically for me, its like the best is reserved for the last 😉 . So , there is tasty ,yummy , mouthwatering food   ( I am already drooling for tomorrow , haha 😛  )  with an equally satisfying dessert .

Well , that’s DIWALI for you guys ! 🙂

P.S  This is just a lay (wo)man version of Diwali and its whys’ and hows’ . This will clear your minds if  you are absolutely blank about why we Indians go crazy this time of the year 😛 . DO NOT REFER IT FOR ANY HOME ASSIGNMENTS ;). OR if you are a die-hard-all rituals and reasons and customs  -need-to-be-mentioned type of person .

P.P.S    HAPPY DIWALI 🙂 🙂 . MAY IT BE PROSPEROUS FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE  😀 😀 .  ( specially if you are reading my blogs 😉 ) 

Put your HAPPY on ! :)

All around the world , people are looking for just one thing. A nine letter word. No , money is  just five letters.

Everybody is in pursuit of Happiness . We all want to be Happy . And yet , if i ask any one  what does happiness mean ? No one comes up  with a fixed framework of their needs. We all want to be happy and yet are unable to tell what happiness exactly is!

No , this does not mean we need to immediately go looking for a dictionary and learn the definition.

This only means that happiness can never be exclusively defined. And that is only because Happiness is not an object. Its search is not like the ” heerey kahn hai? ” from our dear old bollywood flicks. It is not material. Money won’t buy it. Although it would buy loads of other things that makes us happy 😛

Happiness is  a pure emotion that can be felt at any moment in our life. Any second. Anything that relaxes us ,  pleases us, calms us down , is joyful , is shared makes us happy .

The moment we feel blessed  ,  we are happy 🙂

well then you may ask , what is the whole point of this post? 😛

Actually , a ride to my grandparent’s home , just like when i was a little 4 year old,  triggered this gyan in me 😛 .

All time we are running , frantically looking for something that is infact felt in our day to day routines.

Here are certain moments that cheer me up and delight me. Make me happy . I am absolutely sure , that i am not alone in these.

so while we still have teeth , lets take time out and cherish these moments and obviously , put our happy on 😀

  • A cold fresh water bath on a typical “dilli wali garmi ” hot and humid day. WOW.

    This would be PERFECT.
    This would be PERFECT
  • Laughing with your friends , on something silly . Laughing uncontrollably , for apparently no reason. Till your stomach hurts and eyes cry ! 😉
  • The ride back HOME , from anywhere. Whether its after years,  months or just 8 hours of office. The degree of happiness is always the same …    C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_040de01c8fc513f2c8a00811af41ff4f
  • When  you see random people helping other  random strangers.  Knowing that humanity actually exists , every time brings up  a smile on face . The confidence that some day sometime some Bajrangi Bhaijan will appear for  me too is  contenting.
  • An already warm blanket on a chilly cold December day. Nothing is more comforting and heavenly…C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_76897a1f742afe5b28d7f11f78ebc240
  • Clearing misunderstandings. A slight confusion can create a ruckus in your life. The attached drama with it only brings irritation and pain . The way your life eases out after clearing such doubts is nothing less than a blessing.
  • Recognition for you work. Whether its a simple praise or a decent appraisal , it works both ways 😛 . Deny all you want , but you are truly happy when you make yourself proud and everybody agrees to it as well !
  • Watching re runs of your favourite show. For me its F.R.I.E.N.D.S , any day!!! And any time.
  • Lazying around all day. Once a while , it relaxes you to know that the world will be functional even if you just sleep.  soothing it is 😉 . C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_32027e2f714e06ff5ff305ec7a34db38
  • The aroma of tasty food. NOTHING MORE TO SAY C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_752490be8ba7748171874de33b0bf508
  • Dressing up. A simple tee and jeans works best for me. But occasionally a pretty dress and little make up is even bester ! 😛 😛 ( i don’t know what’s better than best ,you see 😛 )
  • No  Exams . HAAHA HAA ( read in the devil’s voice please 😀 )

And lastly , because this all started with grandparents ,  the best feeling in the world is when your parents  are scolding you and they protect you like


LOL..nothing beats this satisfaction actually 😛 😉

Have a happy life you guys 🙂