DID YOU KNOW? “Ringing the wrong rose”

DAY 10 : 
  A third of the 30 day challenge already completed! 😀 

Today I introduce a new section to Peppy Notes!!
THE  “DID YOU KNOW?” stuff  :D.
Knowledge shared is the best knowledge gained. So here I am , all ready to share some amazing and interesting facts and stories. (If its my blog, it’s got to be interesting..don’t worry 😛 )
Alright then , lets begin 😀

Today’s post is going to take you back to your childhood. The pre school days. The days you went to school to eat and play. And , yes sleep ! 😛

Those days are synonymous with lots of colour, no tensions and fun songs ! 🙂
The songs we call Nursery Rhymes. 

There is this one Nursery Rhyme that goes like this ( Obviously you remember! 😛 )
 Ring a ring o’roses,
a pocketful of posies,
atishoo, atishoo,
We all fall down” 😀  ( And similar versions 😛 )

Do you know what this means? 

Who THINKS about the meaning of nursery rhymes ?

Well , in this case  you should 

The rhyme has a very deeper and darker story attached to it. 
The rhyme dates back to London,1665. The time of  the Great Plague of London.

The “ring of roses” describes the red buboes around the neck of an infected person (swollen lymph nodes);  
“posies” refers to the herbs or flowers that people carried in their pockets to breathe hoping it would protect them from the disease;
“at-choo” refers to a sneeze which was the sign of coming illness.
“All fall down” describes the suddenness of death from what is today called “Black Death” or Bubonic Plague.

Not rosy at all! 😦

Like all stories of folklore and historic times , even this one has its share of oppositions and supporters. You can read about it here Story behind Ring-a-ring-a-roses and here Ring around a rosie . 

But isn’t it fascinating to learn about such tales ? Have you got some ? Please share 🙂

P.S : Not new , but a rather different interpretation of a nursery rhyme. A part of the IBMC Challenge  😀





Such is life.

                                                                     FEELING BLUE 

Every body tells us to always plan our life ahead. Take all actions thinking about the long-term benefits of the plans.
And these same people also tell us that the only constant thing in the world is change.

Anyways, coming back to plan and planning, all of you must be knowinng the feeling when things actually turn out the way you plan. Whether it is related to your career choice , your investment plan  or even your decision to not carry an umbrella.
That feeling of elation when things go perfect smooth. All our parents , families and friends advises seem to blend in the perfect way of our life.

Only more often than not, this rarely happens. how so much we plan and prepare and act accordingly , life beats us to it. We stand there at important turnarounds , bewildered and confused about our next “plans”. Feeling sad and dejected, we keep on trying as we don’t have any other option.

sometimes life is not only hard, but wicked and cruel. It will fool you. with a smirk on your face, life will support you. Things and events will happen in your favour, the way you had it all chalked out. And then , when you are almost there…BAM! Life has the last laugh. Trust me , this is the worst that can happen to you. Or no wait, it gets even worse, when you fail again, not only  trying all you can , but also while trying to find a reason behind this.
These last-minute twists of life , are so hard to survive. Not only are you unable to even  find a point from where you can restart , you don’t even have time.

So well such is life.!

Each one teach one _/\_

To all the fellows who believe that only the people with a “doctorate”  or “teachers” degree ( whatever that is called in your country ) are worth of teaching something , i have a question for you below.


Why would you even think like that? Unless of course you can’t . Think. that is.

our teachers may teach us a great deal . but that is not exclusive for them .

Remember how these teachers told us the story of  Robert the  Bruce ? How his victory is still traced back to a spider ?  A teeny tiny eight legged creature who didn’t even know A-B-C ? ( Even though i  am one arachnophobic , every time i do find a spider , somewhere deep at the back of my mind , my hands mentally join in a  “NAMASTE  _/_” to it !)

Coming back , lets just concentrate our focus to the homo sapiens as of now.

A person may be going around , doing his routine life errands, not knowing that you and i are learning our life lessons from him. i am sure the lab boy (15 years old) at my office didn’t know it. He was telling me about his native place while finding the chemicals that needed to be weighed.


Lets name him P. P belonged to villages of Jharkhand ,  a place more than 1000 km away from Delhi , where he was working.  He was still in school , but instead was working here. He would go back in November and give his exams in January though. So why did you come here? Money. For the family. Don’t have a lot of land you see…

At the end he passed it off as a joke “ Isi bahane dilli ghum liya ” ( At least this way i was able to see Delhi ). But i couldn’t . I didn’t see the joke . Here i was sitting in the comfort of my home , forget working for family  , i wouldn’t even  throw garbage until i am scolded. Would i be able to go so far from home if necessity arises? Am i too pampered?

Well , thanks to P , if not anything more i started taking my “luxuries” seriously. No more taking things for granted. No more ordering the house maid around. And yes, throwing the garbage out . Daily .( Although my mom has become really suspicious of it 😛 ) .

Guys, keep your eyes and ears open.  You don’t know what or who may teach you THAT ONE LIFE CHANGING LESSON . Your parents ,your friends, your pet,  your neighbor, your watchman. Anyone.Anytime .

Wishing you luck ,

Mitali 🙂

P.S – As i write this , a notification about my classmates changed profile pic crops up. At other times , i would have literally died from the after effects of hysterically laughing while banging my head on the wall. But today i am doing a _/_ ( namaste ) 😛 .

My reaction. 😉

I really wish i could share her picture with you , ‘cos unlike P she taught me two things –

  1.  Self Love and Self confidence are not related to the number of likes. 🙂


  1.  However guilty or angry you feel with yourself , NEVER do this with    you.  Never post a photo like that 😛 😛 😉