Am I ready?

My life may be a mess but atleast I look pretty in the dress!

This got to be the defining mantra of my life. In case I plan to continue with my sanity,that is. 

Since a few days I have been a mixed bag of emotions. One day I am alarmingly happy. And then gloomy. So gloomy that my friends are scared to even approach me !

And why wouldn’t they be . After all my emotions have reached such heights of confusion that I literally hit my friend with my keys. Straight onto his face. Without a reason.

Thank God he was high ! 😉

These mood swings have been a perennial problem. Although till now they have fortunately been non violent only 😂 . My room is the biggest evidence of this turbulence. Clothes , washed and dirty alike lying on every possible furniture.Bits of paper and tissues  decorating the floor. And then there is me…somehow adjusting for space in the bed between my books and pillows!

So why has my life come down to this?

There could be several excuses.

I am a Cancerian woman,so being cranky is something even my stars have chosen for me! Then there are the female hormones. These i-dont-know-how-they-look substances have the audacity to keep me irritated. And the fact that I can’t do anything about them,only adds to my irritation! Also doctors tell me I have some kind of allergic bronchial asthma ,so the recent weather changes also ensure that I wake up early ,very early morning coughing and gasping for breath and when it finally comes , i cant go back to sleep , because ,hello you have a bank loan to repay,so please attend your classes. let’s also not ignore the fact that I also sleep late ,very late in night, thanks to assignments submissions and hell yeah! Classes.

To be frank ,it would be really bad of me if I did not give myself the pleasure of being irritated and snapping at every body.

Now that I have made a mention of doctors, if I do look from their perspective these are all mere symptoms. Like a fever is just a symptom. The real trouble is something else.

And I believe that something else is CHANGE. Within six months,my life has literally taken a 180 degree turn. Things I had never dreamt of,forget about planning have happened. And have happened so quick that there hasn’t been enough time to even absorb their effects.

For someone who shirked at the very idea of travelling and moving out of the comfort of my house, I have been thrown more than a 1000km away and been home  only once in 6 months for 4 days!

The confidence and wisdom I thought I had gained after the 10+2+4 years of education has all been thrown out of the window. Yeah ,once upon a time in a very distant land I had plans and goals of being the best in whatever I do but ,well ,here I am struggling and fighting to just keep pace with my classmates and professors.

More than the fast paced Bombing of Knowledge at me is the speed at which people have walked in and out of my life.

Strangers from different parts of , not only the country ,  but even the world have become a part of my life. People who have seen so much more of the world than me, from different walks of life, each with their own story now surround me. And among them I have found a few special ones, The ones who I would want to be included in my lists of Forevers 😍.The ones who are family  :).  The ones who have bought entertainment to my life with the best and worst jokes of all times!  The ones who have taught me the true meaning of creative comebacks 😂😂😂 and the ones who very generously give me “gyaan” about this life 😋

My inner goddess has awaken and is looking around. Happily dancing away as it can finally satisfy it’s fantasies with a new crush everyday 😉

Or maybe HE is the same all days 😍😂

And then there are people who have shut their doors on me. The ones I had hoped would not. The ones I had grown not only fond of ,but used to. Their presence no more surprised me,but their absence shakes me up. Sigh. But as they “One fine day”! Hopefully our paths will cross each others’ again. 🙂

So all in all I am amused and perplexed at this new roller coaster ride, one which I hadn’t even asked for or infact even paid for 😑Every moment here is teaching me something. Things I want to learn and things I definitely don’t want to learn.

It’s just that all of it is happening too fast too soon. Maybe I am not ready for such experiences. Not all at once. And not now.

But when has life waited for someone?

And seriously, What is life without some spice?.😉
P.S When they say,do what you love. They are actually right. Writing all of this down has soothed me down. Peppy side up again 😁😊


A little tip :)

I have  been really busy these days.
Not been able to keep up with my own challenge.
And like all failures teach you something,this did too.
Dream big for sure,but  remember to be realistic and practical. And oh always ,always have a plan B!”.

Well that’s my learning, not every one will agree to this thought.
You need not to,too.

What is more important for you All to agree and realise is that ,we must learn from everything.
Failure,success or term it anything,we must keep on learning and keep on growing.

Feeling dejected will never help.

Understanding the problem,improving on it, learning definitely will 😃

Shortage of time , forces me to conclude here itself. And since a picture says a thousand words ,here I am sharing a quote I came across which should be the life mantra of one and all.

Cheers to a happy life 😍😇


No more no NO!!

Peppy Notes !!

The study of nano particles , their physics and their interactions with biological membranes is not difficult.

The calculations of Budgets and Taxable income are not difficult.

Standing on one leg for a day is not difficult.

And then you may ask , if this is easy, then what is difficult??

The most difficult thing is the ART OF SAYING NO. you could call it science too , but I like it this way 😛

The values and morals engraved in us have taught us everything , but, to say no.

Not for all though. There are some great fellows who have mastered this art very well. so well that they blatantly refuse to do things , without even a little respect for others, absorbed in their own little world. This is even in matters , when both a no and yes would not affect them.

let me talk to…

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Each one teach one _/\_

To all the fellows who believe that only the people with a “doctorate”  or “teachers” degree ( whatever that is called in your country ) are worth of teaching something , i have a question for you below.


Why would you even think like that? Unless of course you can’t . Think. that is.

our teachers may teach us a great deal . but that is not exclusive for them .

Remember how these teachers told us the story of  Robert the  Bruce ? How his victory is still traced back to a spider ?  A teeny tiny eight legged creature who didn’t even know A-B-C ? ( Even though i  am one arachnophobic , every time i do find a spider , somewhere deep at the back of my mind , my hands mentally join in a  “NAMASTE  _/_” to it !)

Coming back , lets just concentrate our focus to the homo sapiens as of now.

A person may be going around , doing his routine life errands, not knowing that you and i are learning our life lessons from him. i am sure the lab boy (15 years old) at my office didn’t know it. He was telling me about his native place while finding the chemicals that needed to be weighed.


Lets name him P. P belonged to villages of Jharkhand ,  a place more than 1000 km away from Delhi , where he was working.  He was still in school , but instead was working here. He would go back in November and give his exams in January though. So why did you come here? Money. For the family. Don’t have a lot of land you see…

At the end he passed it off as a joke “ Isi bahane dilli ghum liya ” ( At least this way i was able to see Delhi ). But i couldn’t . I didn’t see the joke . Here i was sitting in the comfort of my home , forget working for family  , i wouldn’t even  throw garbage until i am scolded. Would i be able to go so far from home if necessity arises? Am i too pampered?

Well , thanks to P , if not anything more i started taking my “luxuries” seriously. No more taking things for granted. No more ordering the house maid around. And yes, throwing the garbage out . Daily .( Although my mom has become really suspicious of it 😛 ) .

Guys, keep your eyes and ears open.  You don’t know what or who may teach you THAT ONE LIFE CHANGING LESSON . Your parents ,your friends, your pet,  your neighbor, your watchman. Anyone.Anytime .

Wishing you luck ,

Mitali 🙂

P.S – As i write this , a notification about my classmates changed profile pic crops up. At other times , i would have literally died from the after effects of hysterically laughing while banging my head on the wall. But today i am doing a _/_ ( namaste ) 😛 .

My reaction. 😉

I really wish i could share her picture with you , ‘cos unlike P she taught me two things –

  1.  Self Love and Self confidence are not related to the number of likes. 🙂


  1.  However guilty or angry you feel with yourself , NEVER do this with    you.  Never post a photo like that 😛 😛 😉