DID YOU KNOW? “Ringing the wrong rose”

DAY 10 : 
  A third of the 30 day challenge already completed! 😀 

Today I introduce a new section to Peppy Notes!!
THE  “DID YOU KNOW?” stuff  :D.
Knowledge shared is the best knowledge gained. So here I am , all ready to share some amazing and interesting facts and stories. (If its my blog, it’s got to be interesting..don’t worry 😛 )
Alright then , lets begin 😀

Today’s post is going to take you back to your childhood. The pre school days. The days you went to school to eat and play. And , yes sleep ! 😛

Those days are synonymous with lots of colour, no tensions and fun songs ! 🙂
The songs we call Nursery Rhymes. 

There is this one Nursery Rhyme that goes like this ( Obviously you remember! 😛 )
 Ring a ring o’roses,
a pocketful of posies,
atishoo, atishoo,
We all fall down” 😀  ( And similar versions 😛 )

Do you know what this means? 

Who THINKS about the meaning of nursery rhymes ?

Well , in this case  you should 

The rhyme has a very deeper and darker story attached to it. 
The rhyme dates back to London,1665. The time of  the Great Plague of London.

The “ring of roses” describes the red buboes around the neck of an infected person (swollen lymph nodes);  
“posies” refers to the herbs or flowers that people carried in their pockets to breathe hoping it would protect them from the disease;
“at-choo” refers to a sneeze which was the sign of coming illness.
“All fall down” describes the suddenness of death from what is today called “Black Death” or Bubonic Plague.

Not rosy at all! 😦

Like all stories of folklore and historic times , even this one has its share of oppositions and supporters. You can read about it here Story behind Ring-a-ring-a-roses and here Ring around a rosie . 

But isn’t it fascinating to learn about such tales ? Have you got some ? Please share 🙂

P.S : Not new , but a rather different interpretation of a nursery rhyme. A part of the IBMC Challenge  😀





Peppy is the new me!

Well ,that’s one of the weird things about me. i am mentally unstable 😀


As in , I love changes. I am not the one for the same old boring monotonous stuff for ever and ever. 😉

Also , Dabbang is now relatively an old movie .

Here I am ,refreshing my blog  , to a more beautiful and lively version ,with more updates, more sarcasm and hopefully loads of more readers 😛

Get the Peppiness started ❤ ❤

So well , officially declaring here : Dabbang Notes is now Peppy Notes . :*

Live. Love . SPARKLE !

A food for thought

Well what does a normal person do when he thinks he loves to do Task A but also has interest in Task B ? more so if such A and B fall in entirely different realms of life.

Well if the person is any percent like me.. he is bound to do just one thing.

yes. Be CONFUSED . 


But if he is also as smart and intelligent as me , he will know that confusion will lead to any of the following three things.

  1. Abandonment of A or B.
  2. Abandonment of A and B.
  3. More confusion


So instead of just being messed up and leaving it at that , i tried to mix things up a little and spice it all up.

Things could get messier for sure, but hey ! haven’t you yet come across those ” N number of inspiring quotes that will make your day ” on Facebook?

Didn’t you know  ” It’s better to have a life of Oh Wells! rather than a life of What ifs and If onlys.. “???

So well, here  i am taking my inspiration from these words .

Being a food science student , it runs in my blood ( i know , this is the highest degree of lame i could be 😛 ) to learn , share ,write and know more about THE STORY OF FOOD…what actually happens when we make food, why it happens , how it happens and yes , i know you get the idea.

A blog on food would be then the perfect idea!!!

But i dont want to quit my dabbang and awesome ( a little bit of self praise doesn’t hurt 😀 ) notes i write here too !! ( You see , the Tasks A and B ? 😛 )

And thus, after long considerations and talks with my self , i came up with a new blog !!! 😀 😀

Yeah so now i am Two blogs old already! HahA!

No more confused 😛  .


Concluding  today’s post , all i have to say is


this is a serious (no nonsense) and humble request to all of you. Do have a look  at my new blog too .

The Food Story blog

And keep reading and supporting like you always do 😀


Thanks and love,

Mitali 🙂