DAY 03 : IBMC #03- Risk for a random challenge 

The terms of the challenge : It’s a challenge to see how random can you be. Write ten sentences where there is no connection to each other. Go as random as you can get.

Well, Challenge Accepted. 😉 :D.

Random sentences , yet connected. Go on have a deep thought 🙂

April 1 is celebrated as Fools day. The neighbour’s door bell had rung twice. As I tossed and turned in bed, the clock struck 3. There were 4 people in the family. 5 years of marriage is not long , but  five years of compromise ..definitely .Snoopy had given birth to 6 puppies just yesterday. 7 days and a week is over, yet again. The 8th month would mean the third trimester and soon it would all end. Kids grow up so fast , baby Kia would turn 9 this year.
The Marriage was held in the summer of April 2010.


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Mood? NOt Today -_-

The sun is setting outside. and like all great philosophers and “thinkers”, here i am, in my bed, staring at the sun ,deep in thought. About what? Obviously, Life and its weird ways.

Life is so depressing nowadays, so sad, just like the bare tree outside my window. It is waiting for Spring. To bloom. To live colourful days again. And what am i waiting for? i dont know….Fake smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

The entire optimism in me is telling me to look at the brighter side. Depressing is a strong word, after all. What do i have? A loving caring family? Check. A bunch of funny friends? Check. Education? Check. Food? Check (Hostel mess food is legally food, so well yeah ! ).

Then what the hell ,babe? WHAT??

Energy. None . I do not have the even the basic motivation to even get up and change into bed clothes. Forget about cleaning the mess i am living in. :P. I dont want to talk to anybody . It takes a lot of words and  effort to explain your self to the other person and i dont want to open my mouth even to eat . -_-

And why ? I have no idea.    o.O


I stare harder at the sun .  And then at the tree.

Fine! Lets wait for my spring too . Lets drink some Red Bull !!

Signing off with a pretty bad mood >.<