No more no NO!!

The study of nano particles , their physics and their interactions with biological membranes is not difficult.

The calculations of Budgets and Taxable income are not difficult.

Standing on one leg for a day is not difficult.

And then you may ask , if this is easy, then what is difficult??

The most difficult thing is the ART OF SAYING NO. you could call it science too , but I like it this way 😛

The values and morals engraved in us have taught us everything , but, to say no.

Not for all though. There are some great fellows who have mastered this art very well. so well that they blatantly refuse to do things , without even a little respect for others, absorbed in their own little world. This is even in matters , when both a no and yes would not affect them.

let me talk to the earthly beings like me. The soft hearted ones. the ones who think refusing someone for something is rude.

I am an extreme though ! I don’t even refuse a tele marketing call , unless of course it’s a computerised one …. Computers don’t have feelings na 😛

But people , we need to understand that saying no is not always being selfish. Not saying one may  however prove to be self destructive in several severe cases.

As they say


Just like the limits of our polite behaviour , we need to set up limits and boundaries of our tolerance .Its NOT wrong.

What is wrong is your colleagues pushing down their work on you ,not once or twice but everyday.

Say NO

Helping him/her is entirely different from completely doing it for them. ( if you cant say no , ask them for a share of their salary. 😛 The problem will be solved )

What is wrong is a friend cribbing about his life to you every second and expecting you to take control.

Say NO.

Yes you are here for him , but not if he doesn’t want to help himself. Not every time.

What is wrong is people borrowing your money every time ” yaar aaj dede ,kal mai de dungi ” and then repeating it the next day . Every day .

Say NO .

Beauty woman showing her hand palms. Selective focus.
yeah , this way exactly!!! 😉

Yep , even if you are the world’s richest man or his son or daughter or someone –  its your money and sharing it with SUCH kind of people is just not right.

What is wrong is you marrying only for the sake of your family.

Say NO.

Yes, you have been the most obedient child in history, but this decision is not about buying or not buying a toffee (or a phone). It’s a life changing step. Your life changing act.

To put it  in clear and straight forward words STOP BEING A PUSHOVER. (I know that label hurts 😦  )

Here I mentioned instances, I feel, are very common. Don’t take them to your heart and start refusing needy and innocuous people for genuine help they need.

This post is all about reminding you to stand up for yourself when you feel the limits have been crossed.

And since you are reading this post , I can safely assume that you have the right kind of judgement senses 😉

Adding here the lines of Chanakya


I am not talking about honesty here, but these lines hopefully give you my point.